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Water Treatment in Austin, Texas

Keep your water free of impurities with professional water treatment services from Plumbing Experts in Austin, Texas. We aren’t just your run-of-the-mill plumbing contractor. In addition to emergency plumbing and well drilling services, we offer so much more.

Giving the Specialty Water Treatment
At Plumbing Experts, we don’t just fix pipes and fixtures. If you see white spots on your glasses or your water gives off a rotten smell, there may be an issue with your water supply. Rust spots on your house and iron deposits in your dishwasher are also key indicators your water needs to be checked. With full certification credentials behind us, here are common water services we provide:

• Complete Residential & Commercial
   Water Treatments
• Installing Water Softeners
• Installing Carbon Filters
• Installing & Repairing Iron Filters
• Completing a Chlorination Injection

Sprinkler Repair
Don’t let your lawn dry up on you! We repair high-quality K-Rain® irrigation systems among others. Our services include locating and fixing wires, repairing valves, and replacing sprinkler heads. Whether it’s a small or large system, we have you covered.

Handy Pool Equipment Repair
If you are experiencing water flow problems, no need to worry. Our staff can install, repair, or replace pumps, filters, and skimmers. We even clean your pool’s main drain. Come talk to us about the pool equipment we offer at great low prices.


Horizontal Boring
Do you need to run some piping, wiring, or sprinkler system components under a sidewalk or walkway? At Plumbing Experts, we also complete heavy-duty horizontal boring to clear your way.

For professional water treatment or sprinkler repair, contact our team in
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